Temperature measurement and disinfection channel


Disinfectant product

smart temperature and disinfection channel is an intelligent and convenient device for human measurement and disinfection.


it integrates a variety of high tech intelligent means such as infrared detection and face recognition to achieve non- contact detection and disinfection of human body


it can safely, conveniently and accurately determine whether there is an abnormal body temperature of personnel passing through


  1.  Automatic alarm  
    product can intelligently disinfect and measure temperatue without touching, it also can alert automatically when body temperature is too high
  2. Save DisInfectant
    huge disinfectant cistern with 18L capacity can disinfect 960 users, which makes it easy to use and more budget friendly
  3. Foldable Design
    makes it easier to store when not in use and easier for mobolization if needs to be moved to another location or a store
  4. Durable Ramp 
    makes it accessible for wheelchair, trollies and anything with wheels


disinfectant channel structure

Models Disinfectant


1. The main material is a polyurethane composite material with a double-sided aluminum plate in the middle, which has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. There are two barrier-free ramps, two brake wheels and two directional wheels, capable of bearing three tons.

3. Commissioning will be completed according to local standards before delivery. Two people can assemble 1 set within 5 minutes.

4. Huge disinfectant cistern with 18L capacity can disinfect 960 man-times, which makes you easier to use and less to pay.

5. 16G memory, can export all the measured body temperature, facial database supports up to 50,000, and 100,000 travel records.

6. Face recognition speed is less than 1 second, supports a variety of complex environments, wear mask recognition, can be recognized within 2 meters.

7. Support 16 languages, including Arabic.

8. Removable to anywhere, simple to use, no need to maintain.